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What is Samsung Printing App Center?
SmartUX Center is a new concept of printing ecosystem suggested by Samsung that is based not on a concept of a device peripheral to PC or other devices but on that of a "stand-alone printer or multifunction printer (MFP)." SmartUX Center consists of SmartUX apps, App Center for downloading the apps, UI Platform (tablet UI), and Software Development Kit (SDK) for app development.
What kinds of apps for SmartUX center?
The SmartUX App is largely classified into four groups: ① apps for managing documents effectively, ② apps for easy management of outputs, ③ apps for managing printing devices effectively, and ④ apps for easy handling of other office work. 
In addition, the SmartUX apps are also classified into apps developed by Samsung and those developed by developers, printer dealers, etc.
For more information on the SmartUX apps, download the Printing Catalog app (for SmartUX Center Apps & Widgets) from Google Play Store.
What are ISV apps?
These are applications that third parties have developed using the Smart UX SDK. All apps have been officially verified for safety and usability through Samsung's V&V process and can be downloaded at the Printing App Center.Examples include  "Hancom Office" developed by Hancom Ltd., "Remote Call" by Rsupport Ltd., "MFP Flyer" by Italy-based Massineli.
What is the Samsung Printing App Center?
The Samsung Printing App Center provides quick and easy search and download services for the Smart UX apps and XOA apps available for Samsung printers.
How can I connect to the Samsung Printing App Center?
There are ways to gain access from MFPs that support the Smart UX Center or from other PCs or mobile devices.
- When using a printer that supports the Smart UX Center: Access via the "Printing App Center" app 
- When using a PC, mobile device or printer that supports the Smart UX Center: Access through the website (http://smartux.samsung.com) 
(* We recommend against seeking access through other means, as we will refuse any and all responsibility or liability for any problems that arise as a consequence.)
What web browsers are supported?
   - Internet Explorer (11 and up)
   - Chrome (51.0.2704.84 and up)
   - Firefox (47 and up)
I'm getting an Internet Explorer error. What should I do?
- If you use IE 8, 9, or 10, the website may not display properly due to compatibility issues with these earlier IE versions. If you encounter IE errors, you will need to update to IE 11.
How can I change my personal information?
You can log in and edit information using the [Edit Profile] menu in My Profile. 
You can edit basic information including name through your Samsung account, and you can update additional information including account type, company, partnership settings, etc.  
However, you cannot change the email account ID and the country of access.
What printer devices are supported?
A3 Copier: MultiXpress 7, MultiXpress 4, etc.
A4 MFPs: ProXpress M5370, ProXpress M5360, ProXpress M4580, etc.
How can I download an app?
1. Log in to the Samsung Printing App Center.
2. Find the app you wish to use from the list.
3. Click the Download button.
How can I install an app I've downloaded?
1. When downloading from the Smart UX Center,
1) You must log in using an account that has administrator privileges.
2) Select the saved app file and install it.
3) When installation is complete, it will be added to Apps (the list of all apps).
2. When downloading from a PC or a mobile device (such as a phone or a tablet), install it through the SyncThru™ Web Service.
1) Log in using an account that has administrator privileges.
2) Move to the page where the application will be installed.
3) Select the downloaded Android app (or XOA app) and install.
4) When installation is complete, it will be added to Apps (the list of all apps).
※ Please refer to the guide for Samsung Fleet Admin Pro before installing on a device through Samsung Fleet Admin Pro.
App installation Guide Video (Smart UX)
Check the video guide for installing the SmartUX Center apps. 
What is the Smart Cafe?
This is a place for multiple-user communication operated by Samsung.
App developers, dealers and users can open a cafe (as a place for communication) and freely ask and answer questions, and find a range of data provided by the headquarters.
What are the policies related to running a cafe?
Anyone can open a cafe.
Public cafes are open to everyone, while private cafes are only for those invited by the person who opened the cafe.
It is important to remember that conversations in a private cafe are not to be disclosed to anyone who is not a member of that private cafe.
What is the My Feedback menu?
App users can write a review after using the app. This App Review can provide reference for the developer(s) to improve the app.
How can I manage partnerships and accounts?
General Users are users that are not involved in purchasing IT products and therefore are not members of partnerships.
For ITDMs, dealers, and distributors involved in the purchasing of IT products, it is possible to change the account type to one that allows access to more useful functions and features appropriate to their needs.
What is the "CONTACT US" menu?
Send your requests or inquiries to Samsung through CONTACT US. 
Log in and view all items in the list of My Q&As.  
How can I manage partnerships and accounts?
In the "Members" management menu, you can invite an ITDM and manage as "My Partner."
You can also approve or reject a partnership requested by an ITDM. When you approve a partnership, you can manage the ITDM as "My Partner."
What are the "Recommended Settings"?
- You can set the "All Apps/ Samsung Recommended Apps/ Dealer Recommended Apps" item on the App List screen to only display recommended apps.
What is the notification menu?
Important App Center Notices for partners can be displayed through the App Center.
How can I change the main banner?
You can create a banner that will appear on the main screen and provide it to My User. 
What is the My Catalog menu?
		A menu which can be used by app or printing device dealers to prepare PR kits or catalogs for effective sales activities. Based on the basic app information provided by the Samsung Printing App Center, dealers can personalize their own materials using their sales expertise. The catalogs can then be downloaded in PDF file format or sent by email and used to market apps and printing devices.
Where can I find the SDK Instructions Guide?
See the following website for more information:
Are there any resources on app development and release?
An "App Development Guide" is available for app development and release. 
(Finding the Guide: After logging in, click Settings, Apps, and then the Requested Apps menu at the top. You will find the Guide at the bottom left of the page.)
What is the application registration process?
To register an app, a developer account is required. If you do not have such an account, you can apply for one.
You can register and manage apps through the App > Requested Apps menu in the Settings menu.
For more information on registering an app, refer to the "App Development Guide".
(Finding the Guide: After logging in, click Settings, Apps, and then the Requested Apps menu at the top. You will find the Guide at the bottom left of the page.)
What is the app V&V (verification & validation) process?
This refers to Samsung's procedures to verify that the app is error-free and compatible with the intended devices.
It takes 1-3 weeks to complete verification, the process of which can be checked by stages.
If no problem is found during the verification process, the app will be distributed through the Samsung Printing App Center.
If a problem is detected during the verification process, registration of the app will be suspended until the problem(s) have been corrected.

The six stages of verification are:
1) Request V&V  (Verification & Validation)
     This stage involves preparation of the items required for verification, such as a guide for the app, its apk, description, restrictions, etc.  
2) Contract Review
   This involves the contract for a paid app. Topics for discussion will include profit-sharing, responsibility for services, etc. Not applicable to free apps.  
3) V&V (Preparation)
   At this stage, the V&V tests are prepared according to a schedule determined by Samsung's specialized verification team.
4) V&V (Testing)
    This is when the V&V tests are actually conducted. Information on problems and requests for correction are given to the developers.  
5) Waiting For Registration
   Upon completion of the V&V testing, a period of waiting occurs before final registration of the app. 
6) Publication
   The app is now finally registered with the App Center. 

For more information on app verification and registration, refer to the App Development Guide.
(Guide Location: After logging in, click Settings, Apps, and Requested Apps at the top. You will find the guide at the bottom left of the page.)
How do I manage my apps?
The developers add or delete apps, edit existing apps, and other related management activities through the "Settings" menu.
1. Add: To add a new app or a new version of an existing app, select the “Settings > Apps > Requested Apps” menu. Check the App Registration Guide.
2. Update: To update an existing app, select "Create New Version" from the app editing menu.  
3. Edit: To edit app information, select it from the list of apps and use the editing menu.

What is the Statistics menu?
You can check the download statistics for registered apps 
(Download statistics by month and by country). 
How can I manage partnerships and accounts?
Request to partner with a dealer to form a partnership with the dealer.